EMC VPLEX – How good it is ?

Its been some time since I started working on the EMC VPLEX device. As the time passes by and more we go deeper in it we understood it better way. Its good device provided by EMC and has loads operational and business benefits. When you are working as an IT service provider it is always shining picture for client and then putting forward the business benefits in front of them its easy to win the vote for VPLEX. But as an admin prospective how good is VPLEX. Is its actually giving you what it was promised by the vendor?

We have couple of VPLEX implemented in our environment and the issues coming around made me think are we actually getting benefit from VPLEX or we have taken something which is shinning just because it was polished properly to hide the rusting underneath. Many Questions which keep me haunting about this product which I am trying to get answered but till now no luck with that.

1: Is it worth to use VPLEX device with backend SAN as a high end storage like VMAX or VMAX3?

2: Is the VPLEX actually evolved enough to support the highly volatile client environment where we have changes happening almost every day?

3: The whole process of implementing VPLEX is not that easy and quick. Are we doing right thing in moving to this which taking so much pain and man hours? What if it did not work the way it is expected then we have to redo all the work and invest more man hours.

4: Will the VPLEX able to sustain the requirement of performance oriented clients ?

When we talk about benefits of VPLEX we say reduction of downtime in any case, simplified management, non-disrupting data mobility and simplified data recovery. But we always miss the points I mentioned above and many other points that need to be considered for the live environment.

Please don’t think that I am against VPLEX but these are the challenges and questions I have till now which are unanswered.

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