Hard to understand management funda

It been 12 years since I started working on corporate world the more I grow in the profile more things are becoming clear but one point which always keep coming back again and again “Management Fundas”. I always used to wonder why do top management ppl don’t share the correct information with the employees. Why there are always turned and twisted words to the straight forward questions asked. as I grow up the ladder the question mark keep becoming bigger as I started interacting with top management.

Now here are some things which I did understand out of the discussion I had.

1: May be the ppl on the top don’t have any clue what to answer so they just twist the words and tell you something which is not the required answer but you feel like they had provided you something.

2: May be they don’t want to share many thing as they are afraid that if they provide straight forward answer then their job is at risk.

3: May be they feel that if they give you the correct answer what they will say you if come back later or may be you will not come back then what is the use of then sitting at that position if no one has any questions for them.

Well all these are my assumption and I know that no one has the straight forward answer for the question which I am asking.

May be some day I might get the answer but I would prefer not to end up in same situation giving fundas to my employees.

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