Cloud technology in Storage

Now that we are hearing the term cloud computing every now and then and all the companies are adopting it as it very cost effective. I am as a Storage admin has heard from many ppl enforcing that you should start learning Cloud and it is the next big thing. If you don’t learn it you are gone/left behind. These kind of statement makes me very worried that what i should do. Then I started understanding cloud computing and all the concept. Still learning but one point where I am stuck and not able to move forward.

As I am a storage admin what is the difference for a Storage admin in the cloud technology. I do understand that cloud is virtualization of almost everything starting from Storage to server to application and then staring the same with multiple client. But what is changing for me ?

The storage device is always there in the background that need to be managed by someone and troubleshoot in case of issues. So in this case the work from Storage administrator is always there even after the storage device is part of cloud technology.

I learnt that once the cloud technology is setup user will carve out their own space from the SAN device and as per requirement or based on the application which ever they are using which will cease the work of ppl like me. This made me thinking even if the user can carve out the space from the pool or disk or whatever defined for them on the application level what if that pool is full, what if their is issue on the SAN device it self and that pool is not even visible to the user or application. In this scenario how the work of Storage administrator will cease out?

Friends please help me and correct me if I am wrong in my understanding.

2 thoughts on “Cloud technology in Storage

  1. Change is the name of the game. Skills to troubleshoot storage issues, especially performance issues will still be necessary. But even these skills will need massive shift in understanding of the IO paths.

    But the role of a storage admin or a sysadmin will definitely be not so much sought after as it is today. In fact the role is significantly less important than what it used to be when we started our careers. And if you think its impossible that one day this would happen, just think about the folks who thought they could be solaris and veritas admins forever 🙂 How many of these openings do you see today?

    I’m not saying there will be no need for technical talent, but those who do not adapt to the new paradigm will just be left behind.

    To those who want a glimpse of how cloud technology will change the jobs landscape I advice them to open an account on AWS or google cloud and spin up their own virtual machines. You just need a credit card to do so.

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  2. Last couple of weeks I was in Hybrid Cloud training, so I think I can comment on this topic … I have seen/done Enterprise level Datastore Creation, VM creation, Application deployment merely by couple of clicks that too as end user, of course underlying hardware (read Storage) will be there but it will not need much intervention of Storage Admin once the implementation is done because BAU activities will be taken care by ‘software’.

    Integration Guy will be the most sought after person in the future, someone who can bring all these pieces of puzzle : Cloud-Virtual-Storage-Compute-network together.

    For someone like the writer of this blog who was at one point of time working on server-backup-storage, the transition will be smooth 🙂

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