No issue found – Best Incidents during issues :)

All my friends who is in IT sector will agree with what I am writing today.

All the support teams in IT sector face technical issues almost daily. When we get the complain we start working on validation and the responses start coming in 5 to 10 mins from all the support team. Best part is almost always first response we get from everyone is “NO issue found” on their end. Some team even go a step further and start pointing on the other teams that other team should check on their end as no issue found. I am not saying that we from SAN side don’t do this but most of the time SAN team is on the receiving end as all the other team will start saying SAN team has to check as no issue found on other end.

I have worked on many issue in all these years and it always make me laugh when we find that some of the teams don’t even check before clearing their part. They just declare that everything is fine on their end and when we end up in detailed investigation we see that the whole issue was there where it was cleared initially.

Severity 1 situations are always the best one to work upon due to below reason. 

1: You will get loads of new thing to learn technically as well as professionally.

2: Best entertainment.

3: You will get to see all kind of ppl there. Relaxed, Ignorant, extra hyper, always complaining, extra protective and blame master.

Some of the best point which I have got from the Sev 1 situations are 

1: One person will be only and always asking what is the ETA. 🙂

2: There will always be that one person who is ready to escalate in blink of eye.

3: There will always be bunch of ppl who will not understand anything technical but they will still keep asking by saying “I am just trying to understand”.

4: There will always be one person who will not let you do the technical work by asking to do totally different things to prove to everyone that he is more technical that other person. 😉

5: There will always be one person who will join the conference call but will disconnect at the exact time when you need him to check something.

6: The best one: here will always be one person who will start talking on other phone or some off topic matte without putting the conference call on mute. Whole call will wait for him to either put the call on mute or finish the other conversation as no one can talk with that disturbance.

7: This one is Gem: There will always be one person who will put the conference call on hold to receive some other call on his cellphone stopping the whole issue discussion. 😀

I know there are many other points which can be added in here. Please add if something comes in your mind and please do spread the fun.

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