My friends and mentors … I will miss them always

Hi all, I am writing this topic as I have completed 10 years in industry and I want to dedicate this to some ppl who where the base for shaping my life.

I have seen some many videos and articles on Internet which inspires me but nothing can inspire me more than what i have personally experienced. Obviously I cant name anyone here to show my respect but when I started working I was a newbee totally out from this IT world with no thoughts at all what it is going to be. Once I started I met few ppl who made me to think, if they are actually real as i have never seen anything like that. To start with he was the person who trained us in initial phase. He was so good that he was able to tell us the problem just by listening to the problem. I used to imagine how can it be possible. But yes it is possible and I got the answer for this question when I started working after the training.

Today i have completed 10 years in the profile working and many ppl will say that I am doing great but actually I am nothing without the inspiration i have got which I don’t think any one else would be lucky to get. Do you thing that anyone can explain you the complete technical issue and give you the solution in the middle of night. I don’t thing so, but I have got that when I was learning. That person has given proper attention
to my words and without any anger or frustration they have explained to the me the reason and solution. Here are few incidents which has made me what I am right now.

1: My first encounter was, I was so worried 2nd day of the job no one around and the phone rang. I was so hesitant to pick but I had to. The question from the other end made me looking for my lead but then feeling my tension he relaxed me which was not even expected. He asked “Are kya ker raha hai? Akela hai ? Chal chai pine aata hai?”. Well this is nothing for many ppl but it was so much for my that I cant explain. Thanks to that person who will always remin my ideal.

2: One statement which has chaaged my way of thinking. “bhut Ghis Ghis ke yaha tak pahucha huin” well obviously it was not easy for any of us to be in that team without the effort everyone has put in there. The whole team fit in with this statement as everyone has worked really hard to reach to that point and I was so lucky to learn from these ppl.

3: I was lucky enough to learn from some ppl who has beaten the exceptions and all the odds to come out of it and show them self. Some ppl used to call them selfish but I being close to them learnt the best of them and the reason of being what they are. They were the best, does not matter what anyone call them.

4: I had chance to work with some of the most fun loving person in my life who can enjoy the moment in most difficult and critical situation.

5: I had all kind of gurus all around me to nurture me what i am right now. I had Gyan guru to give me life lesson, tech guru to make me understand the critical situation to handle it, fun guru to make me utilize even the smallest moment or smallest place with fun, politics guru to teach me how to handle the situation.

6: I learnt from the leads who don’t make fun of you when you don’t know anything but they take their time to make you understand and let you learn. It does not matter if its even in the middle of night.

7: I had ppl who are not only techies but they are real party animals and I learnt from them to live life king size. Who cares what comes next. What is right now is the reality.

Well these are just few points to mention you can say base of the iceberg. By the time I reach to the tip I will not be able to write a single word as I will be missing that whole group.

My 10 years in the industry is dedicated to all the ppl with whom I worked when when i was in I See I see and they have a great impact on my life. They will be the greatest friend and mentor for me life long.

One thought on “My friends and mentors … I will miss them always

  1. I know of people who feels the same way about you as a mentor and have seen the way they mentor their lesser experienced colleagues in turn. I am sure that ultimately, it will all end up as a tribute to your guru or probably his guru, without them ever realizing it.

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